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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 14, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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th. and welcome to "way too early," the show where jenna's laughing at me because i was showing her my new glasses. want me to put them on? show you my new glasses. these are for distance. i can see the prompter. but i'm going to take them off so that i can mess up without a problem. all right, so, we want to begin this morning and tell you what's going on with the latest in the overnight breaking news of the paris terror attacks. in a new video released overnight, the head of al qaeda in yemen claimed responsibility for the charlie hebdo attack which took place one week ago today. the new issue of the satirical newspaper features a cartoon of the prophet muhammad on the cover, which is now sparking concerns of possible additional attacks. it shows him holding a sign that says "i am charlie," and the headline, "all is forgiven." the paper sold out in france within minutes. officials say the gunmen as well as the man behind the kosher market siege, had a wide web of financial and logistical support. police say they had advanced equipment that likely came from overseas including military-style weapons, and
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there is also dramatic new video that shows the co-kouachi brothers immediately after the charlie hebdo attacks. it shows them calmly returning to their getaway car before celebrating their actions and then firing shots at police. [ shots ] >> meanwhile, the world's largest intelligence-sharing network will meet next week to
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discuss its efforts to fight terrorism. the u.s. australia, canada britain and new zealand, collectively known as five eyes will take part. and french lawmakers have voted in favor of extending air strikes against islamic state militants. here at home the white house is responding to criticism that it is refusing to refer to the paris terror attacks as "radical islam." white house press secretary josh earnest explained why the obama administration believes it would be wrong to do so. >> the first is accuracy. we want to describe exactly what happened. these are individuals who carried out an act of terrorism, and they later tried to justify that act of terrorism by invoking the religion of islam in their own deviant view of it. the second is this is an act that was roundly condemned by muslim leaders. we also don't want to be in a situation where we are legitimizing what we consider to be a completely illegitimate
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justification for this violence. >> so the white house also faced criticism for not sending a high-level official to the giant unity rally in paris over the weekend. but former president jimmy carpenter is speaking out in defense of president obama, telling yahoo!'s katie couric that the criticism is unwarranted. >> i know that one of the first expressions of condolences was from president obama. and so i think the united states has made everybody know that we really support the efforts by the french to eliminate this threat in the future and also expressed condolences on behalf of me and you and everyone else. so i don't think that was any oversight. i know that president obama's just come back from vacation. i know how it is when you've been gone for a week or two. your desk is piled up and he had other pressing problems to address. so i don't think it's any reflection on our country or no criticism is worthy. >> one republican congressman is asking for forgiveness this morning after a controversial tweet about president obama's absence from the paris unity rally. congressman randy weber of
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texas, a frequent critic of president obama, compared him to adolf hitler saying "even adolf hitler thought it more important than obama to get to paris, for all the wrong reasons. obama couldn't do it for the right reasons." but congressman weber later issued an apology, saying "it was not my intention to trivialize the holocaust, nor compare the president to adolf hitler. the mention of hitler was meant to represent the face of evil that still exists in the world today. i now realize that the use of hitler invokes pain and emotional trauma for those affected by the atrocities of the holocaust and victims of anti-semitism and hate." but congressman weber also went on to still criticize president obama for not attending the rally. attorneys for the boston marathon bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, are asking a judge to suspend jury selection in his trial for at least a month because of the terror attacks in france. now, the filing says a delay would "allow some time for the
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extraordinary prejudice to diminish from comparing the attacks in paris to the bombings in boston." so defense lawyers say the media has already drawn parallels between the two incidents, noting that in both cases, the suspects were brothers and alleged home-grown terrorists influenced by the radical cleric anwar al awlaki. they tried to delay the trial and move the location, but the judge has rejected requests. jury selection began last week. and this got our team thinking to bring you a twitter question on this this morning -- how do you think the judge should decide on this? with these media headlines, do you think a jury delay motion for the boston bombing trial in the wake of the paris attacks is a fair one? tweet us your response response @waytooearly. we'll put your best thoughts up later in the show. turning to a troubling story out of ohio involving house speaker john boehner. an ohio bartender with a history of psychiatric illness is being charged with threatening to murder speaker boehner. according to court documents obtained by nbc news
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44-year-old michael hoyt served boehner for more than five years at a country club before being fired and told police that he regretted not having enough time to poison him. after being fired in october, hoyt called the police and blamed the speaker for his troubles. when officers arrived at his home, hoyt reportedly told them he was jesus christ boehner was the devil, and he intended to kill him. police say that hoyt blamed boehner for the ebola outbreak and various other problems and that he was fired before he had the chance to put something in his drink. he told police he then planned to shoot boehner and make an escape. the speaker's office released a statement saying he was aware of the situation and thanked authorities for their efforts. talk of mitt romney running for president for a third time it's getting louder each day, and new polling is doing nothing to stop the speculation, nor is mitt romney himself. a recent poll of iowa republicans shows romney leading the gop field with 21% of registered voters. jeb bush coming in second followed by scott walker mike huckabee, rand paul ted cruz
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and chris christie. meanwhile, nbc news has learned that romney will attend an rnc meeting friday in san diego and address a crowd for the first time since telling a group of donors last week that he's seriously considering another bid. and it didn't take long for the attacks to start rolling in. here's senator rand paul talking about mitt romney and his presidential candidacy this week. >> if he runs to the right of jeb bush he'll still be to the left of the rest of the party, so it may be a difficult spot to occupy. look i like governor romney. i like him personally. i think he's a good person. i think he's a great businessman. but you know that's yesterday's news. he's tried twice. i don't really think that there is a third time out there. >> hmm, all right. so, this all comes as governor chris christie prepares to take a big step of his own towards a run for the white house. christie's supporters tell "the new york times" that he intends to set up a leadership pac as early as this month so that he can get the fund-raising ball
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rolling. he also heads to south carolina today. here's the governor at his state of the state address last night, sounding at times like a man already in campaign mode. >> america's leadership in the world is called into question because of a pattern of indecision and inconsistency. and during this time of uncertainty, it seems our leaders in washington would rather stoke the vision for their own political gain. and this culture of divisiveness and distrust has seeped into our communities and into our neighborhoods, and it is bipartisan. >> so mike huckabee meanwhile, is reiterating his criticisms of the president and first lady for allowing their daughters to listen to beyonce. he's doubling down on remarks from his new book where he describes the singer's lyrics as "toxic mental poison," adding her dance moves are "best left to the privacy of her bedroom." we're going to talk to mr. huckabee next tuesday morning on "morning joe." and on the democratic side
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of things potential 2016 field, hillary clinton continues to shore up her staff for a campaign in waiting. the "wall street journal" reports top white house adviser john podesta will leave the white house administration in february to begin working for the clinton camp. switching gears to talk business news for you. the u.s. government says insurance giant metlife is just too big to fail. we've heard this phrase before but the company says it will go to court to prove otherwise. it's the first financial institution to fight that designation, which would mean more government oversight. so, the company's ceo is saying that regulators got this one wrong. for the day's other business headlines, we turn to cnbc's steve sedgwick live for us in london. steve, let's start with oil prices, because we see this six-year low yesterday. and again, this talk about oil prices just continuing to drop. >> there is, yeah. i didn't hear too many of these people talking when we were $110 a barrel for three years, got to be honest but now it appears everyone thinks we'll continue to go down partly because there
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is so much supply in the market. we spoke back in november about how opec's not taking any off the table, and it appears according to the eia stateside that actually domestic production will continue to grow in 2015, despite the fact that we only have now $46 a barrel. that added to the fact that the world bank has said look the world economy is running on only one engine and that engine is america as well. so, real concerns there as well. eia saying there was a big build-up of supplies domestic supplies, last week in terms of that. that dragged the market down. materials were coming down more broadly. copper prices came up, dragging commodity prices lower. energy was lower. looking at futures for the current session, we'll see down 0.2% to 0.3% as well. gopro shares one of the most volatile in the market still up 73% since last june's float, but they are down 42% since their high in october. they were down 12% in yesterday's trading. this is because there may be a competitor on the block.
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it looks like apple has got the go-ahead in terms of a patent for their own action cam, which can be put on scuba masks, bike helmets, even dog leash. that should be good video, shouldn't it? >> that should. that will take a bite out of their market because they've had that sewn up exclusively for a long time. before we let you go amazon back in the headlines after making history at the "golden globes." what's in their forecast? >> yeah. well, they're making progress aren't they? they're getting a couple awards. "transparent" was well praised as well. but they've been hired by woody allen to make a comedy series. he is a controversial filmmaker, of course but they want to be a more serious competitor to netflix. no one knows what kind of viewers that amazon amazon prime customers are getting at the moment but they're pushing ahead with a load of pilots plus this series from woody allen. but i love the quote from woody allen as well, says "i don't know how i got into this. i have no ideas. i'm not sure where to begin. my guess is roy price," who is the amazon studio boss, "will
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regret this." no price, no concept, but they have woody allen. so sounds interesting. >> taking a swipe at programming and more power to them. because "transparent," big hit and well rewarded at the "golden globes." steve, thank you. still ahead, feds are investigating what caused smoke to fill that d.c. metro station, killing one passenger, injuring dozens of others. do they finally have a proper distinction there. and up next mo-mentum, mo williams racking up a season high after he rallies the timberwolves to a win after 15 straight losses. highlights ahead in sports. that and a check of weather when "way too early" comes back. and i'm going to have jen try on my glasses during the break and we're going to tweet a picture of that! ♪ >> here we are. good morning to you. the very first good morning of what i hope and expect will be a great many. we've been working on this and have finally made it into your
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little as fifty dollars. we're now hooked on phonics, and it's time for sports. we begin in the nba. lebron james making the return to the court against the suns after sitting out the last couple weeks with back and knee strains. james has to play mediator in the second quarter. he pushes the cavs coach, david blatt away from the referee while he's arguing a call. look at that. lebron later said it was to help blatt avoid getting a technical foul. just helping out. despite 33 points from the cleveland star the cavs still lose, dropping their sixth straight game 107-100. to indianapolis now, pacers hosting the timberwolves. minnesota's mo williams scoring a franchise record career-high 52 points in that game. yeah, that's the most in the nba this season. the t-wolves break a 15-game losing streak with a 110-101 victory. we'll see if they can keep that
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going. a day after the bills announced that rex ryan as head coach, his former team the new york jets, have reportedly found his replacement. we've got cardinals defensive coordinator todd bowles being announced as the jets new head coach. he's expected to sign a four-year contract worth more than $4 million a year. that's news coming just a few hours after the organization announced the texans coordinator for college scouting as the new jets general manager. well done. the national champion ohio state buckeyes returned to columbus yesterday after beating oregon 42-20 in the inaugural college football playoff championship. while fans celebrated the victory, one ohio business is probably wishing the team wasn't so successful. listen to this. morris home furnishings is in the hole about $1.5 million after paying out on a december promotion promising free merchandise if ohio state won the national championship.
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yeah. your lounger's coming bill. 500 customers will take advantage of the rebate. that's pretty good right? if you took advantage of that go get your free furniture. and the wizards/spurs game last night. nascar driver jeff gordon proved -- >> look at him go! >> -- he's just as fast on three wheels as four. little trike there. gordon doesn't play around when it comes to racing even on his tricycle, leaving his challenger in the dust. as for the game, washington wins 101-93. >> look at him. it's hard not to like jeff gordon. >> it looked though it's the traction out of the gate. he got it right out of the gate, and he left that guy in the dust. >> look how many rpms he's got going there. >> he's good and the contender was on the inside track, but sdwlaust mean to do to a fan, right? shouldn't he let the fan win? >> i'd take you out, by the way. >> i know you would. >> i would. >> i'd let you win. >> i'd puncture your tire. >> you would? you'd play dirty? >> i'd put the stick in the tire and you'd flip over the handle
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bars. >> you play dirty. i like that. all right, bill karins what's going on weatherwise? the negative numbers are not making us happy. no, it's one of the coldest mornings of the winter. i was just looking at the school delays and closings from virginia, through north carolina, up to washington, d.c. they're being very careful. there's a coating of ice out there. i'll get to that in a second but this jumps off the charts. syracuse is negative 10. this is not the windchill, this is the actual temperature this morning. glens falls one of the lowest i've seen at negative 18 degrees this morning. it's still very cold down to southern new england, but it's better than northern new england. you are cold enough from raleigh, through richmond into the d.c. area. you've had a coating of ice overnight in raleigh and now we've got this area of snow from washington, d.c. down to richmond mixed with a little sleet over the delmarva but southern maryland and delaware even down around cape may, new jersey, you'll have a very treacherous morning commute. still cold in the northwest, but we are heading in the right direction, and that's good. so after a cold day today, look what happens as we get towards the end of the period here
2:50 am
thomas. thursday looks nice from kansas city to denver. by the time we get to friday kansas city could be 50 denver could be 61. i know it's not exactly toasty in the northern half of the country, but the southern half a little taste of spring. >> no that's fantastic. and i think a lot of people will get out and enjoy that because i know that this weather just makes me want to stay inside pull the covers over my head and not leave. except when i'm going to race you on a tricycle. colleen king says she's getting two trikes and taking us to the ice rink. so, we're going to do it on an ice rink. >> ooh, ice rink. >> ice racing. we'll add a layer of extra challenge. sounds good. thanks, bill. coming up on "morning joe," christie jeb and mitt all making moves as a 2016er as rand paul takes shots like a 2006er. we'll look at that. plus, new signs hillary clinton's campaign is starting to take shape. yeah. and when we come back here, the brutality of isis once again on display. this time it appears the group is using a child to do its dirty work. that and much more after this quick break. stick around.
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welcome back everybody. new video from isis appears to show a murder at the hands of a child soldier. this still image taken from the video shows the boy standing next to an isis militant shortly before the child shoots the two men kneeling. now, the two victims previously appear on camera saying they are russian spies. the jihadist monitoring group flashpoint partners says the boy has taken part in previous isis operations. federal officials are now investigating monday's deadly incident at a washington, d.c., metro station, but so far, they're not saying much about what caused thick smoke to fill a train full of passengers. people on board say it took 40 minutes or more for firefighters to arrive and pry open those doors. now, one woman died and more
2:54 am
than 80 others were taken to area hospitals. district officials are not commenting on the response time and whether power to the system had been cut off by the time rescue teams had arrived. but the government's transportation and safety board believes escaping electricity called arcing is to blame for that incident. and officials in new york say the fire at penn station that injured two firefighters and disrupted train service was accidental. investigators initially thought the fire was suspicious in part because of its location in the heart of midtown, but they later discovered it was electrical in nature, apparently starting near temporary wiring used to light a construction site. the ohio state university wasn't the only winner in monday night's college football championship. espn, which aired that game broke a cable tv record. get this clocking in 33.4 million viewers as the buckeyes beat oregon 42-20. it shattered the ratings from the previous record set just two weeks ago on new year's day with espn's coverage of the sugar
2:55 am
bowl. the cities with top metered ratings were not surprisingly columbus, dayton, cleveland, ohio, with portland oregon coming in fourth. now, the college football championship wasn't just a winner on the ratings on monday night. so if you want to sound smart, tell your friends that according to neilsen, the game generated more than 4.4 million tweets between an hour before kickoff through ten minutes after it ended. by comparison, the "golden globes" broadcast was responsible for less than half that number of tweets on sunday night. okay, so, let's get to your responses for our twitter question this morning. earlier in the show we asked, should a judge delay the boston bombing trial in wake of the paris attacks? the lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev are asking for a delay, saying that the timing is just too much for them to get a clean jury. justine del gaudio, our producer, has some of the best responses. what did you get? >> good morning. rich says "the boston bombing trial should not be delayed. dzhokhar tsarnaev needs to be brought to justice. waiting won't change the outcome."
2:56 am
kimba ken says "to delay is to confirm that the fear terrorists plan to confer is worth it. put the big pants on." and then "tsarnaev does deserve a fair trial and the delay will hopefully reduce bias." >> reduce bias. okay. you called me four eyes -- >> i did, that's because everyone on twitter said you look like rick perry. >> i don't think i look like rick perry. jen, do you think i look like rick perry? >> you kind of do. >> yeah, no! anyway, i'll continue messing up for you in the prompter. next on "way too early," a look at the stories in the day ahead. "morning joe" is just moments away. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®. ♪ ♪
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beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. [ m'm... ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® everybody, welcome back. let's get a check on the day ahead before we toss it over "morning joe." president obama will increase access and affordability of high speed internet and the boston school board will vote on a measure to add 40 minutes to elementary and middle school kids. it will earn teachers and additional $4,000 bucks a year.
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that will do it. "morning joe" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone it is wednesday, january 14th welcome to ""morning joe." "with us on set we have msnbc analyst former democratic congressman harold


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